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Care Management

We rely on our providers to do the hard work of creating robust and exhaustive treatment plans for patients who have been injured. Auto accidents can cause whiplash injuries, spinal strains, and other injuries that can be overlooked by an emergency room. Our team of expert providers know how to effectively treat and document these injuries quickly and efficiently.

Medical Team

Medical Care

Our physicians are comfortable with all phases of injury care. From the immediate post-injury initial visit through the more complex phases of care if a patient does not improve with conservative modalities.

We have a physician-first philosophy that makes doctors comfortable in the personal injury world. Our physicians understand that they may need to provide expert witness testimony in deposition and court so we advocate on behalf of their expertise. 


Medical decision-making and note-taking are of extreme significance in this business and our physicians understand how to balance a patient's medical needs with their personal livelihoods while documenting each assessment with elite accuracy.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are the go-to providers for whiplash injuries. They carefully evaluate a patient's entire body alignment and manipulate the spine and joints to relieve pressure and increase joint mobility. 

We work alongside multiple chiropractors to fulfil the need many patients have after auto-accidents.

Chiropractic manipulation therapy fits perfectly into a robust treatment plan that includes massage therapy and physical therapy. Between soft tissue work, exercise, and joint mobilization, injuries have no chance to make a home in the patients that we treat after an accident.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy department is different from the rest of the industry.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to restore our patient's livelihoods whether their work, recreation, or general wellbeing has been affected. 

We do this through comprehensive physical evaluations, hands on care, one-on-one appointments, and flexible scheduling. 

Our multidisciplinary approach generates fast and complete recovery while our therapists continue their education to specialize in treating motor-vehicle and workplace accidents along with other complicated whiplash injuries.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy is provided by highly-trained, licensed therapists.

Each therapist works under the direction of our physicians and physical therapists as part of our coordinated approach to ensure that each patient is getting exactly what they need for both interim relief and long-term recovery. 

Our massage therapists are trained to utilize advanced techniques such as deep-tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release to aid our physical therapists and physicians and chiropractors in a specialized treatment plan that ultimately results in injuries being rehabilitated more quickly.

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