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Case Management

When it comes to auto accidents and work comp cases, you need a dedicated administrative team that never misses a physician's orders and always communicates a patient's needs to all of the parties involved. In many cases, this can include case managers, paralegals, attorneys, outside providers, and more.

Expert Medical

The first part of managing any difficult medical case is an understanding that litigation is a possibility.


Our providers and administration team build thorough and defensible treatment plans that we know we can defend in court if needed. Clean and clear documentation is the foundation for high-quality medicine and is even more important when there's a potential that a legal team may attempt to undermine that medical care.

Our providers are trained on how to document and communicate patient diagnosis, effects of injuries on personal well-being, and medical necessity every time they have an encounter with a patient.

Doctor and Patient
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Care Coordination

One of the hardest parts of managing a personal injury case is making sure all of the patient's needs are met and all of our physician's orders are carried out in the fastest and most cost-efficient manner every time.

Because referral management, record keeping, and billing are all different when medical care is being covered by auto insurance companies or worker's compensation coverage, our staff has to understand the intricacies of working with outside case-managers and adjusters to manage a patients care after it is ordered.

Our staff understand these intricacies and have exceptional communication skills and charting techniques to make sure nothing gets missed.

Coverage Management

With auto insurance and workers compensation insurance, managing coverage is probably the most challenging part of patient care. In many circumstances, coverage availability and medical necessity do not line up perfectly, so we have to find solutions.

Every part of a patient's medical care needs to be managed financially and every patient has a different situation when it comes to insurance.


That's where our experienced team makes sure that adjusters and case managers have all of the relevant information they need so that they can make coverage decisions effectively and all options for funding medically necessary treatment are exhausted.

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Law Office

Case Finalization

Many times, after a personal injury, insurance companies and injured parties have to come to an agreement on how much compensation is appropriate for all of the medical treatment that was required, any lost wages that were incurred, and potential future needs. 

We make this very difficult process simple by,

  1. Always making sure that medical expenses in our network are usual and customary,

  2. Having a clear and exhaustive medical record naming convention and filing system,

  3.  Providing unrestricted access to all of our documentation to patients and their attorneys. 

We believe that transparency is the only way to make this process legitimate, objective, and ultimately, trustworthy. 

Medical Expet Witnesses
Care Coordination
Coverage Management
Case Finalization
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