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Our team has 100 years of experience in the healthcare and personal injury field.

R. Dean Hasse, CEO

R. Dean Hasse, PT


R. Dean Hasse graduated from Northwestern University and received his Master’s degree in Physical therapy from the University of Michigan.  He has attended countless continuing education courses and obtained certifications in massage therapy, spinal manipulation and trigger point dry needling.  Dean has also owned physical therapy clinics in the Denver area for over 20 years.


Dean was previously the owner of Cherry Creek Wellness Center that he started in 1999.  Dean sold this company in 2018 and went on to direct the rehabilitation department of New Health Services until March of 2021.  Dean rejoined his prior partner, Monique Weerman, along with Brandon Higgins to start AITC. 


When Dean is not at work he enjoys golf, hiking, tennis, skiing and running along with spending time with his three adult children.

Monique Weerman


Monique Weerman established her love of the medical field as a hands-on nursing assistant, working in assisted living and drug rehabilitation facilities.  

Monique has stood by Doctors, for patients, and alongside attorneys since the turn of the 21st century while working for companies like McKessen Health Solutions, HealthONE Colorado, Rocky Mountain Urgent Care & Family Medicine, Synergy Health Partners and her own personal injury clinic, Lakewood Injury Treatment Center.

Monique is an avid sea-shell collector, dog walker, and, most importantly, mother. Her commitment to start AITC is directly connected to the insistence from her two sons Blake and Brandon, without whom, she would happily retire and live on the beach instead.

Monique Weerman, COO
Brandon Higgins, VP

Brandon Higgins


Brandon graduated with a Batchelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and he is a part owner of a successful small business: D.O. IT Medical Evaluations.


He started his career in Personal Injury at a small injury treatment center while still in college. He then provided consulting services with CPMS for the largest PI company in Colorado: providing accounts payable and receivable support that ultimately produced millions of dollars in revenue. 

Brandon Higgins is a self-starter and driven entrepreneur. In his "free-time" he performs and markets for a highly successful 80's cover band, creates music with his personal band, and has a strict Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu training regiment

J. Stephen Gray, MD, MPH, Medical Director

J. Stephen Gray, MD, MPH

J. Stephen Gray, MD, MPH graduated with “Honors” from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1985. He is Board Certified and “residency trained” in occupational and environmental medicine and he completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1997, then completed his residency in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 2000.

Dr. Gray has been providing medical care to injured patients for more than 36 years. He has been Level II Accredited with the Colorado Department of Labor/DOWC since 1992. Dr. Gray was a Division of Workers’ Compensation (IME) independent medical examiner panel member for over 25 years. He has appeared in court as an expert witness numerous times and has been accepted as a “trauma medicine expert” in civil court. Dr. Gray is comfortable with all phases of injury care, from the immediate post-injury initial visit through the more complex phases of care. 

Dr. Gray is a certified Army Flight Surgeon with experience flying helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. He was a captain in the Army Reserves and he served for 9 years as a Senior FAA Medical Examiner. In college, Dr. Gray was a competitive fencer and served as an assistant fencing instructor at courses offered at CSU. Dr. Gray received his black belt in Chinese martial arts and went on to study Chen style Tai Chi under Master Mike Sigman. He is married to Sky, who is from China and he is slowly learning Chinese. 

Nancy Armstead


Nancy is no newcomer to the Personal Injury Industry with over 25 years of experience. She spent 10 years as Pre-Litigation Case Manager, assisting and developing what is now is one of the largest PI Attorney Firms in the State of Colorado and another 15 years developing a highly successful multidisciplinary Personal Injury Clinic.


Nancy's happiest moments are the ones spent with her family,  husband Barry, of nearly 30 years  and seven grandchildren: traveling the Country in their RV and exploring the beauty of the United States.  She is also very active in the community, coaching youth volleyball for the City of Aurora and party planning for all types of events.  


Ultimately what drives Nancy is her compassion for people; especially persons injured and seeking answers.  She strongly believes that a dedicated group with a foundation in high-quality teamwork is the fundamental requirement for success.

Nancy Armstead, Business Development
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